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About Us

Provide a program that meets the needs of today's learners

The primary goal of the International Graduate Medical Education Program is to offer graduate course-based Masters and Doctorate programs in addition to a thesis-based PhD, which are globally accessible. The programs meet the needs of working professionals (physicians, nurses, dentists, allied health professionals, and psychologists, teachers, etc.) who choose to further their education while continuing their careers.

In professional education we are currently witnessing a shift from a traditional classroom setting to a convenient and practical way of meeting learners' needs. Today's learners can have their needs met by having flexible hours and timelines to complete studies, and thus to advance their careers.

Formation of scholars and researchers

The formation of Master and Doctorate level scholars and researchers is achieved through study, consultation as well as applied practice and research. Learning takes place online, and in the classroom with the opportunity for applied research in the learner's own professional field.

Every attempt is made to offer learners a realistic setting that complements their professional field. The educational model offers a holistic Person-Centered approach, in that it encompasses a wide variety of learning tools including asynchronous and direct interaction.

Learners consult other learners whose varied experiences enhance each other's learning. The highest and broadest quality of educational settings are ensured as learners are exposed to new and broader points of view, as well as the most current information in any given part of the world.

Recognizing the importance of face-to-face sessions, the International Graduate Medical Education Program offers learners the opportunity to attend bi-annual specialized summer sessions, generally held in Italy (or other convenient locations), where the learners, especially PhD candidates, gather to plan, consolidate and complete their studies.

Learners also have ongoing support from faculty. By communicating online, learners remain in continuous contact with their advisors and professors, thereby creating a mentorship unique to this type of program. Online discussions promote communication in an efficient and neutral setting.

Provide a setting where the learner may further develop professional colleagues and contacts

The graduate study program allows learners to develop a network of colleagues from around the world thereby enhancing each learner's learning perspective. This network promotes an enhanced global insight to issues facing the future clinician, scholar and researcher. The International Graduate Medical Education Program allows learners an opportunity to communicate and develop meaningful relationships with faculty and other learners. Learners exchange academic information, ideas concerning research topics, professional concerns, and current issues affecting professional practice in a manner that permits each person to compete in the professional's field.

Encourage personal growth in each person with the notion that such growth promotes quality professionalism

Each learner is also challenged to achieve personal growth through the examination of beliefs and values pertinent to their profession and areas of study. This element of the program is inherent throughout the study process and professional relationship. The distance-learning program explicitly recognizes adult learners as active partners in the design and implementation of their academic experience and encourages in every way possible the empowerment of the person. Special emphasis is placed on helping learners develop self-managed learning skills and personal leadership attributes.


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