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Medical Eduation MSc DHE PhD
Health Overview
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Medical Education

Candidate learners are required to apply, interview and receive acceptance to the program, after which they will take the candidacy examination and submit a dissertation outline.

HEALTH EDUCATION SCIENCES 709: Candidacy Examination

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Three comprehensive papers written in the learner's area of specialization and expertise.

HEALTH EDUCATION SCIENCES 711: Research project /Dissertation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Research conducted under the guidance and assistance of the advisor and supervisory committee.

HEALTH EDUCATION SCIENCES 713: Final PhD Dissertation Examination

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Review and rewriting of dissertation drafts based on input from the supervisory committee. The concluding phase is a defense of the dissertation conducted by 5 examiners (supervisory committee and two other examiners). Revisions will likely be required under one of 3 categories subsequent to the examiniation (Pass Option A - 1 month for correction and revision; Pass Option B - 3 months for corrections and revision; Option C - Major corrections and revision necessary).