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Medical Education

The Doctorate of Education in Medicine (DME) at IGME is a course-based (non-thesis) graduate study programs designed to develop skills for health education with a focus on leadership.

These learners have established careers and require further education in order to advance as professional leaders. Furthermore, these learners are also interested in contributing knowledge to their field for personal and professional fulfillment.

Learners begin the program online. In addition to leadership, the doctoral program is designed to meet the advanced professional needs of learners involved in curriculum design and evaluation. Each learner is responsible for completing course modules of study, including research assignments, papers, and participating in online discussions.

Learners intending to complete the PhD component of the program are required to successfully complete all required DME courses including ES715.

Applicants to the DME program possessing a Master degree from a recognized institution, will be evaluated for course equivalencies on application to the DME program.