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Medical Education

Learners are required to complete the following courses:

MEDICAL SCIENCES 601: Foundations of Medical Education

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A foundational study of the historical, scientific, social and political roots of medical education, educational theory, and the continuum of medical education.

MEDICAL SCIENCES 603: Curriculum Design and Evaluation in the Medical Sciences

COURSE DESCRIPTION: An overview of curriculum design, implementation and evaluation within the context of contemporary medical education research, learning and instructional theory, and teaching.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 605: Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Systematic Review and Analysis provides the learner with the basic methods required to evaluate a wide range of clinical literature.

MEDICAL SCIENCES 607: Research Design and Methods in Medical Education

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A study of research design and methods including a broad overview of the variety of methods for research in medical education and related sciences. There is both a theoretical basis in lectures and seminars as well as applied approaches in laboratory exercises. A variety of research tools will be explored and utilized.

MEDICAL SCIENCES 609: Measurement, Assessment and Psychometrics

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Assessment issues related to the measurement of learner achievement, competency, and performance in educational settings. Theory will be introduced and explored through both formal study and lab activities. Specifically, the course will focus on the measurement issues and concerns related to undergraduate and post-graduate medical education programs.

MEDICAL SCIENCES 611: Learning and Cognition

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Theories of learning and cognition in medical education. The focus is on the cognitive processes that underlie medical decision making and clinical diagnoses. Basic theories of learning are reviewed and studied.