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1. Institutional partnership opportunities?
International Graduate Medical Education offers several levels of program delivery partnerships to develop sustainable education programs within institutions. Please contact us via program_info for further details.

2. Is financial assistance available?
For individual learners or groups who are unable to obtain independent funding, International Graduate Medical Education offers partnership through the learner's affiliated educational institution. This partnership program offers the opportunity to train the learner while simultaneously developing a sustainable medical education program in collaboration with their host institution. This program is dependent upon demonstration of need, proof of country citizenship, and formal aknowledgement, participation and agreement on the part of the learner's host institution. Please contact us via program_info for further details..

3. How much do the programs cost?
Please see Estimated Program Costs in the admission application.

4. Is the program in English?
Yes, all instruction and materials are in English. Therefore, learnerss must be proficient in spoken and written English.

5. How long is the program?

Once enrolled, learners will be allotted consecutive six-month intervals for each course opened (ie, 12 months for two courses, 18 months three courses, etc.). While the six month completion period is recommended for each course (with the exception of ES711), accommodation may be made to suspend or extend courses for learners who encounter special circumstances in their lives.

The minimum DME, DNE, DHE completion, assuming four months per course, is 36 months. The maximum allocation, assuming the full six months per course, is 5 years.

The PhD program (enrollment limited, post-DME program) can be completed in 2 years but typically takes 3 - 5 years.

6. Can I take the program part-time?
The programs offer online, variable pace courses and are by definition part-time. Learners may take between four and six months to complete an individual course, and may maintain their standing provided they are continuously enrolled in at least one course every six months.

7. How long have these programs been around?
The programs have been in existence since 2006.

8. What are the career opportunities from these programs?
The career opportunities are many and varied. Graduates have developed careers that include professors, clinical teachers, administrators (e.g., assistant/associate deans, directors), course chairs, psychometricians and researchers, as well as educational consultants.

9. I am not a physician. Can I still take the programs?
Yes, these programs are open to all qualified candidates typically from health professions, psychology and education.

10. Can I receive advance credit for previous courses and work in medical education?
Yes, this is possible but each learner request for advanced credit must be reviewed individually by the Director.

11. How proficient do I need to be in English?
We do not require any formal testing such as the TOEFL, but learners must be able to read, write and speak English proficiently.

12. Where are the summer sessions held?
The location of the face-to-face summer sessions can vary depending on the needs of learners and faculty, but are typically in Milan or Assisi, Italy.

13. Will I be able to publish papers during the program?
Learners are encouraged to work closely with faculty to prepare publication quality papers from their course assignments. Previous IGME learnerss have published papers in many professional, scientific and medical education journals.

14. I am interested in pursuing a PhD. What is required?
The IGME PhD is now a limited enrollment program. Learners wishing to pursue this fully supervised dissertation path must first complete the course based DME (Doctorate in Medical Education), after which they may apply for entrance into the PhD program. Only the most qualified / suitable candidates (deemed so by committee) will be selected.


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