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Medical Education

Learners are required to complete 10 courses including 720 the final comprehensive examination (not required for PhD applicants who will next complete 709 Candidacy Exam).

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 701: Advanced Curriculum Development and Evaluation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The focus is on the theoretical, pedagogical and philosophical issues of curriculum design and evaluation in medical education. Additionally, there is an emphasis on advanced methods of curriculum and program evaluation.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 703: Advanced Learning Theories and Cognition

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Advanced study of theories of learning and cognition in medical education. The focus is on cognitive and learning theories of medical decision making, reasoning and clinical diagnoses.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 705: Advanced Research Methods and Statistics in Medical Education

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Advanced study of research design such as experimental methods, repeated measures, surveys, naturalistic research, factor analysis, multiple regression and qualitative methods.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 707: Advanced Psychometric Theory and Practice

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Advanced study of psychometric theory and its applications including classical test theory, item response theory, latent trait theory and generalizability theory.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 712: Introduction to Leadership Theory

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Explores concepts of leadership and analytical competencies needed to become an effective leader in a variety of settings.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 714: Leadership Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Thinking

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Explains how the theory of emotional intelligence and strategic thinking positively influences the leadership process.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 715: Project Design, Development and Implementation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course enables students to initiate, develop and implement a project by putting into practice the insights they gained from their completed courses in Education Sciences.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 716: Leadership and Organizational Theory

Provides a clearly structured exploration of the ways in which the variety of theories and perspectives that constitute organization theory provide profound challenges for organizations.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 718: Quality Management in Health And Medical Education

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Comprises experiential projects and exercises of quality management and provides opportunities to individually reflect and write about the concepts explored.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 719: History and Philosophy of Medical Education

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Examination of medical education's key historical developments within the context of education and educational philosophy.

MEDICAL EDUCATION SCIENCES 720: Final Comprehensive Examination (PhD applicants are required to complete this course in preparation for submitting a project proposal for qualification for entry to the PhD program when enrolling in their next course: 709 Candidacy Exam)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Those completing their DME will, within 3 months, complete the examination which will consist of answering 3 of 4 questions posed by the DME program director.
Those applying to the PhD program will, within 3 months, complete a comprehensive dissertation proposal under direction of the DME program director.